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This book was published in English to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Al-Hoda newspaper. It is a narrative history of the paper, its founders Naoum and Salloum Mokarzel, the independence movement and formation of Lebanon, and early 20th-century…
1968-al-hoda-book cover.jpg

A collection of notes written by Mary Mokarzel that were attached to a photo of the Mokarzel Tomb (linked below). (Folder 2-4-2-41)
Mokarzel 2-4-2-41 Notes_wm.pdf

A copy of a page from the New York Times which features an article on the closing of Al-Hoda. (Folder 2-4-2-18)
Mokarzel 2-4-2-18 Article_wm.tif

A letter from Philip G. Reilly to Elizabeth Mokarzel Rohid confirming her address so that the money she donated to the Al-Hoda Golden Jubilee fund could be returned. (Folder 2-3-1-5)
Mokarzel 2-3-1-15 Letter_wm.pdf

A copy of a letter from Hector Doueihi to Mary Mokarzel with a copy of a list of people written by Mary Mokarzel, likely in relation to Yemna Mokarzel's funeral. (Folder 2-2-2-4)
Mokarzel 2-2-2-4 Letter_wm.pdf

A draft of a letter from Mary Mokarzel to an unidentified relation concerning misunderstandings about family business. Information on the branch of the family she was writing to is linked below. (Folder 2-2-2-1)
Mokarzel 2-2-2-1 Letter_wm.pdf

A letter from Raif Abillama (relation of Rose Abillama, Naoum Mokarzel's wife) to Mary Mokarzel concerning the legacy of Al-Hoda. (Folder 2-2-1-20)
Mokarzel 2-2-1-20 Letter_wm.pdf

A letter from Shapiro Ferriera to Mary Mokarzel requesting information about Mokarzel family history. Shapiro was the daughter of Elias Joseph Mokarzel, a relative of the Mokarzels who lived in South Africa. Included is a copy of a letter from…
Mokarzel 2-2-1-8 Letter_wm.pdf

A passbook from the Manufacturer's Trust Company with information on Al Hoda's account. (Folder 2-2-1-1)
Mokarzel 2-2-1-1 Booklet_wm.pdf

A photo of people gathered at a cocktail party in the Al-Hoda Press building. The caption on the back reads "Cocktail Party...for C. Macari (Prominent in Mexico) Papa's [building]." (Folder 2-1-5-17)
Mokarzel 2-1-5-17 Cocktail_wm.tif

A journal kept by Mary Mokarzel during her trip to Lebanon to repatriate her father's remains. She writes about gifts received, cities visited, and conversations had with people such as President Camille Chamoun and a Patriarch.
(Folder 2-1-4-9)
Mokarzel 2-1-4-9 Diary_wm.pdf

A press pass in Helen Mokarzel's name for the Nationalities Press Meeting in San Francisco. It is possible that "Helen Mokarzel" refers to Yemna Helen Mokarzel, as this card was found in a folder of her papers. (Folder 2-1-3-21)
Mokarzel 2-1-3-21 Nixon_wm.pdf

A press pass for Yemna Mokarzel signed by Mary Mokarzel. (Folder 2-1-3-20)
Mokarzel 2-1-3-20 Press_wm.pdf

A copy of a letter from Mary Mokarzel to Helen Samhan concerning the Mokarzel tomb and property in Freike, Lebanon and the donation of Al-Hoda microfilm to the NY public library. (Folder 1-8-1-52)
Mokarzel 1-8-1-52 Letter_wm.tif

A blank Al-Hoda letterhead. (Folder 1-8-1-39)
Mokarzel 1-8-1-39 Letterhead_wm.tif

A letter from Eva Malik to Mary Mokarzel concerning the tea party given for her at Mary's New York apartment. Photos of the tea party are linked below. (Folder 1-8-1-24)
Mokarzel 1-8-1-24 Letter_wm.pdf

A letter from Sabah Labaki to Mary Mokarzel wishing her happy holidays and praising Al-Hoda and her accomplishments. (Folder 1-8-1-23)
Mokarzel 1-8-1-23 Holiday_wm.tif

A copy of a letter from entertainer Danny Thomas (founder of St. Jude's Hospital) to Mary Mokarzel thanking her for a speech transcript. (Folder 1-8-1-21)
Mokarzel 1-8-1-21 Letter_wm.tif
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