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Copies of letters between Nasri Lebbos Bejjani and Mary Mokarzel concerning the Mokarzel land in Freike. Mary's reply to Nasri's second letter is linked below. (Folder 2-4-2-28)
Mokarzel 2-4-2-28 Letters_wm.pdf

A letter from Chebli and Emilie Boustany to Mary Mokarzel concerning selling the Mokarzel land in Freike. (Folder 2-4-2-22)
Mokarzel 2-4-2-22 Letter_wm.pdf

Scraps of paper with unidentified names and addresses written on them, perhaps relations or friends of the Mokarzels. (Folder 2-3-1-5)
Mokarzel 2-3-1-5 Notes_wm.pdf

A handmade valentine card from Mary Hohmann to Mary Mokarzel. (Folder 1-8-1-17)
Mokarzel 1-8-1-17 Valentine_wm.pdf

A letter from William Raftery of Jesuit Foreign Missions to Mary Mokarzel concerning her donation of the Mokarzel Library. (Folder 1-1-6-5)
Mokarzel 1-1-6-5 Letter_wm.pdf

An article in the Durham Morning Herald about the Lebanese Civil War and its effect on the El-Khouri family there. (Folder 12-12)
Khouri 12-12 Article_wm.tif

A small collection of miscellaneous papers and notes including tickets to Lebanese Independence Day Remembrance Evening. (Folder 11-26)
Khouri 11-26 Misc_wm.pdf

A photograph of three unidentified members of Lama Abou-Chakra's family, taken in 1982.
Abou-Chakra_Lama - 1982_wm.jpg