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Al-Chacar Family

These materials were provided by Bearta Al-Chacar Powell.Biography Bearta Al-Chacar Powell was born on January 26, 1966, in Ma’asser El Chouf, to…


Baddour Family

These materials were provided by Philip Augustine Baddour, Jr., and Richard Allen Baddour and primarily document the lives of their parents and…

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Dorroll Family

These materials were donated by Carolyn Monsour Dorroll and concern her life. Biography Carolyn Monsour Dorroll was born February 11, 1928, in…

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Rabil Family

This collection was donated by [Mitchell] Carter and Stephen Carter Rabil. It contains material related to their branch of the Rabil family who…

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Abed Family

These materials were provided by Charles Abed. Biography Charles “Charlie” Ibrahim Abed was born in Kano, Nigeria, in 1959, to Lebanese…

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Tanoury Family

Materials provided by Dahr Tanoury, 1944-2008 and undated.


Findlen Family

This collection was donated by Dorothy Findlen. It primarily represents the history Dorothy Findlen’s mother and grandparents, the Farris and Parker…

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El-Khouri Family

These materials were provided by Marsha El-Khouri Shriver and primarily relate to the life of her father, Joseph Maroun El-Khouri, and his family in…

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Bracewell Family

Materials provided by Houda Bracewell.Introduction Houda Rizk Bracewell was born in Beirut, Lebanon, the only daughter of Soumaya Sokhn and Nassif…

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Ishak Family

Materials provided by Doumit and his daughter Karmina Ishak, undated.Introduction Doumit Ishak was born in Lebanon in 1983. In 1997, at the age of 14,…

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Itani Family

These materials were provided by Abed [David] Salam Itani and primarily relate to his childhood in Beirut, Lebanon.  Biography Abed [David] Salam…


Khayrallah Family

Materials provided by Moise and Vera Khayrallah.Biography Dr. Moise Anton Khayrallah was born in Ghbaleh, Lebanon in August 1959. In 1981, Dr.…

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Zaytoun Family

This collection contains material documenting several generations of the Zaytoun family’s personal and entrepreneurial history in New Bern, North…


Mansour Family

Materials provided by Eddie, Ernie and Virginia Mansour, 1926-1974 and undated.Introduction This collection contains images and documents pertaining…

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Raad Family

Materials provided by George and Patricia Raad, 1984-2009 and undated.INTRODUCTION This collection contains materials contributed by George and…


Moussa/Abdulbaki Family

Materials provided by Narges Moussa for Moussa family and Abdulbaki family, 1967-2011 and undated.


Shadroui Family

Materials provided by Michael Shadroui, 1920s-1950s and undated.


Abou-Chakra Family

These materials were provided by Wael and Lama Abou-Chakra.Biography Wael Abou-Chakra, who goes by Al Chakra in America, was born in Beirut, Lebanon,…


Shehdan Family

Materials provided by Philip Shehdan, 1925-1993 and undated.Introduction Beshara Shehdan Hatem was born in Hamana, Lebanon. He and his brother,…

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Saleh Family

Materials provided by Samir Saleh, 1940s-2007 and undated.Biography Samir Saleh’s maternal great-grandparents had spent time in Pennsylvania, and…

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